Marketplace Installation

Azure Marketplace

AEO is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace:

This will provision a virtual machine with AEO pre-installed. Once the virtual machine is provisioned AEO console accounts will need to be created over SSH.

Step 1: Click “Get it Now”


Step 2: Click “Continue”


Step 3: Click “Create”


Step 4: Select instance size and Authentication



Minimum 8G memory and 4Core recommended

Step 5: Click “Create” and wait for the deployment to finish


Step 6: Click “Go to resource”


Step 7: Configure Firewall policy Click on Networking

Allow the following ports:

  • 22/TCP

  • 80/TCP

  • 443/TCP

  • 514/UDP

  • 1514/UDP

  • 1515/TCP

  • 30001/TCP


Step 8: Set the default login. SSH into the system and set the console password for the user “Admin”

[sshinn@threat ~]$ sudo /var/awp/bin/awp-add-user
Enter AWP-Web username: Admin

User already exists.
Would you like to modify Admin? (y/n) [Default: n] y

Change password for Admin? (y/n) [Default: n]y
Enter AWP-Web password:
Retype AWP-Web password:

Change email for Admin? (y/n) [Default: n] y
Enter email address:

User Groups:
[1]  tester
[2]  Default Administrator
[3]  Unprivileged
[4]  testgroup
[5]  Default Users
Change group ID for Admin? (y/n) [Default: n] n

Admin successfully modified

Step 9: Log in to the Web Console on port 30001



Default username is “Admin” and the password you selected in step 8.