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Atomic Endpoint Defender (AED)

Atomic Endpoint Defender(tm) (formally known as Atomic Secured Linux) is an easy to use out-of-the-box Unified Security Suite add-on for Linux(tm) systems designed to protect your servers against both known and unknown zero day threats. Unlike other security solutions, AED is designed for beginners and experts alike. You just install AED and it does the work for you.

Below is a brief description of the different components of AED and what they do:


OSSEC HIDS is a Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) used for security detection, visibility, and compliance monitoring. It’s based on a multi-platform agent that forwards system data (e.g log messages, file hashes, and detected anomalies) to a central manager, where it is further analyzed and processed, resulting in security alerts. Agents convey event data to the central manager for analysis via a secure and authenticated channel.

Additionally, OSSEC HIDS provide a centralized syslog server and an agentless configuration monitoring system that provide security insight into the events and changes on agentless devices such as firewalls, switches, routers, access points, network appliances, etc.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The AED stateful packet inspection firewall works much like other firewalls. It inserts rules into the Linux kernel which govern how the kernel will handle network traffic. All firewalls work in a “first match wins” manner. That means rules are checked in order, and the first rule to apply “wins”. For example, if you have two firewall rules in this order:


AED includes a special secure kernel, that will proactively protect your system from many different classes of attack.

You can read more about AED on the AED Product Page.

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