Credential Management


Atomic OSSEC (AEO) credential management stores private keys for Secure Shell and Amazon Web Services API keys. These credentials can be re-used to integrate with services such as:

  • SSH agent push installs, in the Add Agent section

  • Agentless monitoring, under Agentless Configuration

  • Amazon S3, integrations->Remove Archiving

  • Amazon Glacier, integrations->Remote Archiving

  • Amazon System Manager Parameter Store-> Agentless Configuration, or Agent push installs


1.0 SSH Keys

  • Key Name: Unique user defined name for this key

  • SSH Key: Private SSH key (RSA, DSA, ECDSA, or ED25519 format)



Do not paste the public key in this field, it is for the private key generated by tools like ssh-keygen only.

2.0 Amazon Web Service API Keys

  • Group: user definied group tag for this API key

  • Key-ID: AWS public key

  • Secret-Key: AWS secret key

  • Region: Region where this key is defined