WAF Rule ID 330790

Alert message: Apache Error: Invalid URI in Request. This event is not caused by this rule. This rule is just reporting a critical apache error.

Rule Class: Generic Attack Ruleset (09_asl_rules.conf)

Version: 2

Severity: Emergency (HIDS: 14)

HTTP Protocol Phase: 5

HTTP Status: 403

Action: pass


Log Types:

  • Basic Information (log)

  • Capture full session (auditlog)



False Positives:

Instructions to report false positives are detailed at Reporting False Positives If it is a false positive, we will fix the issue in the rules and get a release out to you promptly.

Configuration Notes:

  • enabled by: MODSEC_10_RULES

  • Requires Engine version: 2.9.0 or above

Tuning guidance Notes:

If you know that this behavior is acceptable for your application, you can tune by following the guidance on the Tuning the Atomicorp WAF Rules

Additional Information:

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