We recommend customers use our modsecurity builds, as they are tested to ensure all features work correctly. Third party builds may not include the correct libraries, or may disable or incorrectly enable features in modsecurity that can cause unpredictable behavior or failure of rules to process correctly.

If you need a solution to keep the rules and modsecurity up to date and in sync with your version of modsecurity automatically, please use aum or Atomic Protector.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Redhat 6 (or above)

  • Centos 6 (or above)

  • Ubuntu 18 (or above)

  • Debian 9 (or above)

  • Windows 2016 (or above)


  • ModSecurity 2.9.3 (or above)

  • Libmodsecurity 3.0.3 (or above)


    Older versions omay not be compatible, introduce stability or performance issues.