By default the AEO Hub server is configured to perform automatic updates daily.

Web Console (Configuration)

Step 1: Log in to the AEO Web Console


Step 2: Select Atomic Protector->AP Configuration->General


Step 3: Set update policy


Command Line (Manual)

For environments with direct internet access, the network installation method is recommended

Step 1: Log in and become root on the system:

sudo su -i

Step 2: Run the AUM updater:

aum -u

Step 3: Log in to the Web Console: https://<IP>:30001

The default login will be your license username/password

Offline ISO Installer

For environments without internet acesss, the ISO is both an installer and upgrader

Step 1: Download the installation ISO

Step 2: Mount the ISO on the server

mount -o loop awp-hub-6.0.5-1603927858.iso /mnt/cdrom/

Step 3: Run the installation utility