Atomic ModSecurity Rules

We offer two types of the rules:

  1. RealTime Rules: The latest and greatest version of the rules, with all the performance enhancements, new security features and bug fixes released by us on a daily basis. These rules are fully supported and are recommended for production use.

  2. Free/Delayed Rules: A delayed subset of the Advanced rules.


Manual installation of the rules assumes a certain level of comfort with configuring webservers.


If you have a subscription of Real Time rules, you can request email support by sending an email to

The Customer Forums are located here

Additionally, you can login to the Customer Portal to submit bug reports and open cases.


The Real Time Atomic ModSecurity Rules are licensed by the server. You can order license from the online store

If you require additional licenses please log into the License Manager .

License Terms and Conditions

Purchase of an Atomicorp ModSecurity rule license entitles the purchaser to access and download from the Atomicorp Repository to a single IP address within the time period of the license. A separate license is required for each dedicated server/host, VPS, or container (aka “Workload”) that the rule set is installed upon or is protecting.

Atomicorp ModSecurity rules installed upon a Reverse Proxy WAF appliance/server requires a separate license. Please contact Atomicorp support for details.

The rule set cannot be copied, mirrored, or reproduced under protection of US and International copyright laws.

Use of the rule set is limited to the time period of the license. If the license period of a rule set expires, it must must removed from its installed server and no longer used. Atomicorp reserves the right to track and enforce license compliance of the Atomicorp Modsecurity rule sets.

Agreement to these terms and conditions and the Atomicorp End User License Agreement is required to download and use the Atomicorp ModSecurity rules.