AO Agents are supported on the following platforms

Supported Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu 20/22/24 (x86_64, aarch64/ARM64)

  • Redhat 8/9 (x86_64, aarch64/ARM64, PPC, S390)

  • Redhat 6/7 (x86_64, aarch64/ARM64, PPC)

  • Rocky Linux 8/9 (x86_64, aarch64/ARM64, PPC, S390)

  • Centos 8/9 (x86_64, aarch64/ARM64, PPC, S390)

  • Oraclelinux 7/8/9 (x86_64, aarch64/ARM64, PPC, S390)

  • Amazon Linux 2 (x86_64, aarch64/ARM64)

  • Amazon Linux 2023 (x86_64, aarch64/ARM64)

  • Debian 11/12 (x86_64, aarch64/ARM64)

  • Windows XP to Current (all platforms)

  • OSX

  • AIX

  • Solaris

Please contact support if your platform is not currently supported.

Minimum System resources

  • 128MB memory

  • 32MB disk

Network Security Policy

The following ports are required to be open to the AEO hub server from the agent

  • Outbound TCP port 80/443 (Used to download and update the agent software)

  • Outbound TCP port 1515 (Used to issue the agent key)

  • Outbound TCP/UDP port 1514 (Used for agent data communication)