The Atomic Rocket Turtle (ART) software repository is an open source archive of software packages targeted at the security community. It includes OSSEC, mod_security, clamav, Openvas/Greenbone and many other security projects.

It is not used by, nor is it installed by any of our supported products.


  • To enable access to both the atomic yum repository use the following automated installer:

    wget -q -O - | sh


  • To remove the atomic repository from your yum configuration, run this command as root:

    yum remove atomic-release


This will not remove any rpms you have installed from the atomic repository.


  • All atomic rpms are signed with our GPG/PGP key. The atomic repository installer installs this key automatically. You do not need to download it.

However, if you need to download it manually its available from this URL:


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Atomic Protector install the atomic repository?

  • No. Atomic Protector does not install, remove, configure, or use the free unsupported atomic rpm repository.

Will this configure my system to automatically upgrade itself?

  • No. Running the installation command above will only configure yum to also use our free unsupported RPM repository as a source for RPMs. It will not configure your system to automatically upgrade itself.

Will this disable any of my other repositories?

  • No, this installation will not disable any other repositories.